Mozell Devereaux, CEC, MBA

Mozell earned her Masters Degree in Business from Case Western Reserve Univ., Weatherhead School of Management. Prior to going to Case she received certification from (CIA) Culinary Institute of America. She also acquired an Associates degree in Applied science from Cuyahoga Community College. She always speaks of having her "papers" so she wouldn't be called ''just a cook.'' She was given the name Queen of Creole by the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper after their reviews of her restaurant several times. Mozell came from a family of chefs, but her biggest inspiration was of her grandmother, Mama Powell. Speaking fondly of her, her grandmother allowed her to join her in the kitchen at an early age. Mozell was hooked from then on. Being formally trained had its advantages. The first thing she did, was put a spin on her grandmothers cooking. Adding a flare of the old and the new. By fusing the art of cooking and the love of family tradition, something special was created. For this reason, Mozell proudly had  her grandmother and mothers pictures displayed in the lobby of her  restaurants. She took her family wherever she went!


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